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Changing the World
by Building Up People

We Believe

A business is more than the products or services it provides...
It is also its people.

Every business should have the opportunity to have an expert walk alongside them to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

We have the opportunity to change the world by building-up people in everything we do. 

How We Help Our Clients

Giving a Presentation

Real. Tangible. Results.

We get the job done - not hypothetical, theoretical, or seemingly elusive ideas; but actual tangible improvements to your business as a result of working with our consulting firm.

Business Meeting

Godly Wisdom and Creative Solutions to Build Your Business Better, Together.

Your needs, your focus.

While businesses may appear to have similar needs, we know no two businesses are alike. That's why every plan is uniquely customized to your business.

Together at the Top

We Desire to Share in Your Success, Not Profit at Your Expense.

High quality service and integrity in all we do to ensure you receive the benefit your business needs. 

Our Services & Industries 


  • Strategy ​

    • Strategic Planning

    • Business Strategy

    • ​Corporate Strategy & Finance

    • Globalization​

  • Design

    • Organizational Design​ & Structure

    • Process & Operations Management

    • Corporate Culture​

  • ​Operations Management

    • Supply Chain Management 

  • Marketing & Sales

    • Branding​

    • Pricing​

  • M&A​

  • ​Sustainability

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Risk & Threat Assessments

  • IT Strategy & Management

  • Corporate Development​​​​

    • Business Coaching

    • Strategic Human Resources Advisory

    • Media Training

  • Notary Services

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Whether you're someone with an idea for a new business and trying to figure out how to bring the idea into being, a Global Fortune 500 company, or anywhere in between; we can help. 


Let's begin your journey together.   


  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive & Assembly

  • Consumer Goods & Services

  • Communications & Media

  • Education

  • Engineering, Construction, & Building

  • Healthcare Systems & Services

  • Insurance

  • Government

  • Logistics & Infrastructure

  • Public & Social Sector

  • Retail

  • Travel & Tourism

"Success is not measured in dollars and cents or by the status we achieve; but by the number of lives we impact - for good - throughout generations."

~ John Lussier, Managing Partner

Lussier & Associates Consulting 

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